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Quiet Summer

There certainly hasn’t been much happening for me DX wise.

Flex 3000 Update

Well I have had the Flex 3000 up and running for awhile now.

My Flex SDR Experiences

As noted in my previous post I had purchased a Flex 1500 SDR at the DX Convention in Visalia. It’s a QRP rig but I bought it as an inexpensive way to see if I wanted to go further with SDR. Primarily I wanted to see how the reception and filtering would compare with my FT-2000. I also wanted to see how operating a rig only with the computer would work out. I got it all hooked up and the software installed. The Flex 1500 uses a USB connection instead of Firewire so I didn’t have to get anything special for my existing PC. My PC is a Dell Dimension 9200 running Windows 7. Not state of the art but certainly should be fast enough. That was part of the test, too. Anyway, I started playing with it and there was a nice CW pileup going on up from a dx station. The filters are just incredible, I could wade into the deepest part of the pileup and usually just pick out a single signal. With my FT-2000 if you get the filter tighter than 400 Hz you start getting some ringing along with artifacts from the other nearby stations. With the Flex I had the filter less than 25 Hz and I could easily copy the station. This will be great for getting rid of the guys on top of the dx or picking out just the dx station when he is simplex.