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I have been traveling and busy with other stuff for awhile here. I went to Nepal for almost three weeks, unfortunately not able to take a radio with me. We did have a lot of fun trekking all over and experiencing their culture. You can read about it on my wine blog Just search for Nepal and start with the first article. Maybe next time I can take some radio gear and be on the end of a big pileup 🙂

I see a lot of interesting dxpeditions coming up so I put up my winter antennas last weekend. In the winter I have my 160 meter vertical on a tilt over mast and now I also have a 10/12 meter Moxon on a tilt over. Usually I can leave the Moxon up but we had a lot of tree trimming this summer so I tilt it down when not in use. Don’t want the neighbors to get too curious you know.

I am also helping support the TX5K Clipperton Island expedition scheduled for February 2013 so I will have more on that later.

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