DX Update for January

I did pretty good with dx this month. Of course it always helps to have a couple of pacific based dxpeditions to help us here on the west coast. I did a pretty good job on VP6T, Pitcairn Island. I only had Pitcairn on one band so I wanted to fill out the rest. I got off to a slow start, it seemed more difficult than it should considering my location. I finally ended up with 20 band/slots, though. I only missed out on 30 meters RTTY and six meters (which nobody managed to get). I ended up #12 on the leader board for North America so I feel pretty good about that since I can mostly run vertical antennas, the exception being my Moxon on 10 meters.

HK0NA was really slow since it took the a couple of days to get the upper camp operational. I understand the heat was terrible up at the top, too. These guys really have my respect for what they are enduring just to make us dxers happy. I have managed to get them on 9 band/slots now. I really need 40 meters right now and I would really like to work them on 160 meters. I could hear them on 160 for awhile last night. They were pretty weak until they switched to working Europe, then they dropped out again when they switched back to North America. Hopefully propagation will be better tonight.

I did work C21HA and FW0NAR on 160 meters their morning, however. Two new countries on the band so that makes me happy.

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