DX Update for June

It appears I have been neglecting this for a couple of months. Well there hasn’t been much going on for DX wise.While there have been several expeditions, E51M to the North Cook Islands, 9M0L Spratly Islands and 3D2R Rotuma, 9M0L was the only new country I needed. I was only able to work them on three bands, 12, 15 and 30 meters all on CW. I was pretty disappointed as I wanted to work the on 10 meters too. Oh well, eventually someone will go back and I’ll have another chance.

Starting in May I concentrate more on 6 meters. I have only been on 6 meters for about seven years but this is the worst season I have seen. I’ve only worked one Mexican station and no Hawaiian or Japanese this year. the EU was coming in one day and guys around me were working them but I didn’t hear a thing.

I am looking forward to this fall, however, as several expeditions to interesting places are planned.


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