NH8S – Swains Island

I’ve been doing well with the Swains Island DXpedition. I only need them on 10, 30 and 160 meters as I have worked theme on the other bands previously. I picked them up on 20 and 15 and 12 meters anyway since they aren’t that hard to work from here. I think it is easier for me to work the Pacific when propagation is bad.

[mappress mapid=”1″]

The second day they were on the air I worked them on 10 meters cw and phone so I was pretty happy there. I recently had all my trees thinned out and trimmed so I have to be careful about my antennas showing. I have a 12 meter Moxon I built that I have on telescoping fiberglass poles. I put it up when I need it and lower it other times. The nice thing is it also works fairly well for 10 meters with a tuner. Much better than my vertical!

This morning I was able to easily work them on 30 meters and then later I worked them on 17 phone and cw as there was no pileup and could get each within a few seconds of each other. Hopefully tonight they will be on 160 meters. I have a tilt up vertical for 160 so I will put it up after dark and get out and lower it first thing in the morning.

I hope those of you that really need them are doing well. Good luck!

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