TX5K Clipperton Island

Well we are all anxiously awaiting TX5K to get on the air. The last update was they had landed everyone on the island and had some tents up. They also had the generators installed. I expected to see them on the air this morning but I guess we will have to wait a little longer.

by March 1, 2013

A Good Week for DX

This has been an excellent week for DX. Ten and Twelve meters have had good propagation and I worked quite a few new countries.

by October 26, 2012

TX5K Clipperton Island Expedition Update

The March, 2013 DXpedition to Clipperton Island has received the callsign TX5K to be used during the operation.

by October 17, 2012

Back to the Radio

I have been traveling and busy with other stuff for awhile here. I went to Nepal for almost three weeks, unfortunately not able to take a radio with me. We did have a lot of fun trekking all over and experiencing their culture.

by October 16, 2012

NH8S – Swains Island Final Roundup

The NH8S dxpedition is QRT. I did pretty good for not trying very hard.

by September 17, 2012