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It has been pretty busy lately, Wake Island, Banaba Island, American Samoa, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Lakshadweep and more. This really kept me busy, especially since I was doing the DXA site for T33A at the same time. Unfortunately they pulled the plug on DXA for T33A because of network issues on the island. That did give me more time for other DX, though.

Here on the west coast K9W, Wake Island, was pretty easy. I worked them on all HF bands and even managed a QSO on 160 meters. The toughest band for me was 20 meters for some reason.

T33A was a little harder but I managed all HF bands except 160 meters. I think their antenna was a little compromised. The original 160 vertical broke and I am not sure their inverted V was pointing in my direction. I heard them a couple of times at greyline but not well enough to work them.

W8A in American Samoa isn’t too hard but again no 160 meters yet, though i did work E51NOU on 160 meters. Already have that confirmed in LOTW.

XZ1J in Myanmar was interesting. I worked them when they first started on 20 meters, I must have gotten in before the pileup started to get too heavy. After that is has been quite difficult. I finally did get them on 30 meters, though. This brings my 30 meter total to 99 with 87 confirmed.

I have heard Lakshadweep and Bangladesh but not well enough to work them. Same for South Sudan and several other African expeditions. I was able to work 3DA0ET in Swaziland on 15 meters.

XR0ZR, Juan Fernandez, I managed to work on several bands. Just could not get them on 80 or 160, however. One problem with 80 meters is that by the time the CW pileups thin out enough for me to get through they switch to SSB which starts the pileups all over again.

I have also picked up more band slots, 5J0R, PJ6/N7QT, J88HL, XV1X, YJ0ZS, JD1BON, TX5RV, XR0YY, OA4/N7CW and CT9/DK7YY. Oh, and MJ0AWR for an ATNO. It has been a busy and fun November so far.

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