TX5K Clipperton Island

Well we are all anxiously awaiting TX5K to get on the air. The last update was they had landed everyone on the island and had some tents up. They also had the generators installed. I expected to see them on the air this morning but I guess we will have to wait a little longer.

I wrote the software to upload QSOs on a minute by minute basis so I really want to see how it works. I also wrote a lot of the code behind the DXA2 website that will display your QSOs as you make them, well almost, there will be a one to two minute delay before they are displayed. However, that is quick enough so you will see if they really worked you or you need to try again.

If you have any comments about the DXA website please leave them here. Improvements, criticism (be nice), enhancements you would like to see.

You can keep up with their progress at the TX5K website and the TX5K blog.

Pete W6OP

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