Twenty Meter Phased Verticals

A slideshow of my 20 meter phased verticals.

by December 20, 2012

DX Update for January

DX Update for January

by February 1, 2012

VP8ORK Some Success

Well I only had a little luck with VP8ORK. I worked them on 30 meters and 160 meters. I’m real happy with the 160 QSO with my 29 foot vertical but I really wanted to work them on 80 meters. A couple of nights they were almost strong enough but not quite. 160 ended up being pretty easy however. I’ve still been working away at 80 meters. I did get WH0DX for a new one and I am hoping I made it into the log for HS0ZEE but he was weak and there was bad QSB so I am not […]

by February 11, 2011