Twenty Meter Phased Verticals

Here is a slideshow of my 20 meter phased verticals. The slideshow is a little slow to start so be patient after hitting the start button.

The slideshow widget is old and has quit working so I will just show a gallery of the pictures.

All of my antennas are made to be quickly and easily taken down. I can take take everything down including my Steppir BigIR in about ten minutes. I do it by having PVC or metal pipe in the ground with threaded connectors. PVC pipe is used for all of the small antennas and metal for the bigger ones. The ground is soft here without big rocks so I can pound in a 24 inch long PVC or metal pipe easily. This really works out well for having a BBQ or party, especially with kids and dogs around. It also makes it easy to mow the lawn though I usually just mow around them. I use LMR400 coax which is pretty stiff so I can just go over it with the mower. The radials are all buried in the grass, I just use 22 or 24 gauge insulated wire and tack them to the grass in the spring and shortly the grass has completely covered them.

The matching circuit at the base of each vertical is a split capacitor network designed by Lee Barrett K7NM and called a C-Match. Lee wrote a book about the C-Match and how to calculate the capacitance needed and the length of the elements, very interesting reading. Basically the elements are cut long so they are inductive and the capacitance both matches the impedance and ensures equal poet goes to each element. Lee’s book also comes with a CD with spreadsheets on it do do a lot of the calculations.

The coax to each antenna is equal in length and I have built a switching network to connect in a 90 degree phasing line to direct the antenna east or west. It works pretty well and the gain from a phased array often makes the difference between not copying a DX station and making the QSO.

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  1. Mark Douglas Simms

    I love your antenna set up! That is exactly what I would like to do in my back yard – can you give me more details about how you built the ground mounts? I want to be able to put these verticals up and take them down as needed so they aren’t a permanent fixture. Also, what did you use for the vertical elements?

    Thank you!

    Mark, W9MS

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