Author: W6OP

Call Lookup plugin for the V3NEA Ham Cockpit

Have you ever been listening to a DX station and not recognized the country from the call sign? With the Call Lookup plugin that information is immediately available. Simply enter the call sign and hit your Enter key. If you want more detail just check the QRZ checkbox when you do your query. If the call is in the database an additional line of information will appear. If you select that line a small window will popup with the details. Installation is simple, just download and unzip. Then copy both files to the Ham Cockpit folder with all […]

xVoiceKeyer 3.01 Released

The SDR Voice Keyer for SmartSDR has been renamed to xVoiceKeyer and updated for SmartSDR 2.51 and above. The program was renamed xVoiceKeyer in recognition of Doug (K3TZR) the developer of xLib6000. Doug has ported the FlexAPI to the Mac which allowed the development of xVoiceKeyer and for Mario (DL3LSM) xDax and xCat. Note: Source code is available on GitHub if you are interested. xVoiceKeyer can run on the Mac with dogparkSDR or FlexRadio SmartSDR running in a virtual PC or even on another Mac or Microsoft Windows PC on the same network. xVoiceKeyer will also work with xSDR6000 and […]