xVoiceKeyer 3.01 Released

The SDR Voice Keyer for SmartSDR has been renamed to xVoiceKeyer and updated for SmartSDR 2.51 and above. The program was renamed xVoiceKeyer in recognition of Doug (K3TZR) the developer of xLib6000. Doug has ported the FlexAPI to the Mac which allowed the development of xVoiceKeyer and for Mario (DL3LSM) xDax and xCat.

Note: Source code is available on GitHub if you are interested.

xVoiceKeyer can run on the Mac with dogparkSDR or FlexRadio SmartSDR running in a virtual PC or even on another Mac or Microsoft Windows PC on the same network. xVoiceKeyer will also work with xSDR6000 and SmartSDR for IOS. You do not need xDax or xCat as the xVoiceKeyer handles all audio and control functions on its own. Please refer to my previous article for instructions. When using xVoiceKeyer you can choose the radio and station to control. You can easily switch between different stations if necessary.

xVoiceKeyer Station Selection


  1. J. Stan Mason

    I am having trouble installing this software. I download the software, go to the Download folder, right-click on the file and select Open. After a slight delay, the icon of the file blinks and then nothing. No program starts nor are there any error messages. I had the same problem with xCWMemoryKeyer.

    • What Mac and OS version do you have?

      • J. Stan Mason

        I have a 2019 21.5″ iMac running macOS Catalina v.10.15.6.

        • Do you have an icon of a disk drive on your desktop labeled xVoiceKeyer? You can double click on it and it should launch the installer. Then drag the xVoiceKeyer icon to the Applications (Alias) folder.

          • Yes, I have the icon on the Desktop. I double click it, the icon animates like its going to open and then nothing. Since that failed several times, I tried using the hdiutil command in the Terminal window to open it and received the following error – “hdiutil: attach failed – image not recognized”. I downloaded a second time and had the same results.

          • In System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General do you have “Allow Apps downloaded from:” set for “App Store and identified developers”? If you do I will email you the disk image. I just tried it on a laptop I have never had the apps installed on and they work fine.

          • Yes, that is the option selected.

          • I’ll email you directly with a copy that works on both my Macs.

          • Thanks, I appreciate the quick responses and great service!!

          • I had some trouble sending. You should get two emails, one with dmg using mail drop and one with the app bundle. Let me know if they do not arrive.

          • Nothing yet

  2. Thanks for all of your hard work. I’m still not sure what’s up with my system but xVoiceKeyer is now installed and runs!!

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