xCluster2 for the Mac® is now on the App Store

xCluster for the Mac® will now be distributed via the App Store.

xCluster for the Mac is a visual display of dx cluster activity. DX spots are received via telnet or web services and displayed on a map of the world. You can filter the spots by call sign or band Spots are created using the latitude and longitude of the dx station and spotter. The program has a call parsing component to determine the country for each call but can use QRZ.com for more accurate location data. Lookup priority is QRZ.com with the the call parser as a backup.

Note: You must have a QRZ.com XML subscription or above to use QRZ lookups.

A user manual is available for download in the Downloads section of this site.

xCluster Map Display


  1. xCluster is great, however I’m having an issue. When I select pskreporter the list populates but I get nothing displayed on the map. When I look at the pskreporter website there are tons of spots. I’m running on a M1 Air with Ventura. Any ideas? I have some screen shots I can send you. Thanks! Dana – N1OFZ

    • First thing is to look in the Reporting tab on WSJT-X and make sure “Enable PSK Reporter Spotting” is checked. I only request your most current spots so if you have not been transmitting there may not be any spots to look up. The refresh rate is every 5-6 minutes. However, you say the list populates so could you send me the screenshots to “support at w6op dot com”. I don’t have an Air but I have an M1 MacBook which appears to work fine. I’l do some more testing, though.

      Pete W6OP

      • I believe I found the issue. I have a QRZ account but not a XML subscription. So it looks like when xCluster queries QRZ it gets back a blank lat/lon and doesn’t know what to do. Nothing then gets plotted. Once I removed my QRZ user/pass everything is working. I determined this by running xCluster from the command line and all I was seeing was lat: repeated.

        Thanks for the great program! I’m really enjoying it.
        Dana – N1OFZ

        • Thanks That’s a bug I’ll have to fix in the next version. If the lat/lon is blank I’ll use my internal parser to get the information.

  2. is xCluster2 an upgrade to the version downloadable on the website? if so, will the improvements in the MAS version be added to the downloadable version?

    or are both versions equivalent?

    • For right now both versions will be the same. The downloadable version may be a few days behind as I wait for the App Store version to be approved before I update the one on this site. At some point I may do App Store only but not yet. I have an update coming out soon so the downloadable version is one revision older but will catch up in the next couple of days.

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