SDRVoiceKeyer For Mac v2.51 Released

The SDR Voice Keyer for SmartSDR v2.51 has been released. SDRVoiceKeyer can run on the Mac with dogparkSDR or FlexRadio SmartSDR running in a virtual PC or even on another Mac or Microsoft Windows PC on the same network. You do not need xDax or xCat as SDR Voice Keyer handles all audio and control functions on its own. Please refer to my previous article for instructions.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get an updated version but it’s finally here. I expect to have a version for SmartSDR 3.x up by the end of the month. This version will work with 3.x as long as there is only one station active.

SDR Voice Keyer GUI for Flex 6xxx series radios

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