What a Lucky Day

I just walked in the shack to look at the cluster and see if anything was happening. I saw JD1BMH on Ogaswara was on 12 meters CW, which I need. Fired up the FT-2000 which starts up a lot faster than the Flex and split 1.2 up, made a quick call barefoot to make sure the SWR was ok and he came back immediately with W6?. Flicked the amp off standby and finished the QSO.

Then I saw V85TL in Brunei was on 15 meters CW, which I also need. The signal was a little weak but after a half a dozen calls he was in the log, too. Just then JD1BMH popped up 8 kHz above V85TL so I gave him a call and nailed him on the first call. Three band fills in about five minutes is a pretty good evening.

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