Propagation Improving

It looks like propagation is improving, I’ve managed to get 4W6A on 40 meters so far and was working on 30 meters this morning when he just went QRT with no notice or anything.

I’ve been doing good on 10 meters, worked ZK2AB (Niue), T32TV (Eastern Kiribati) and just now T8XX (Palau) for three new ones. That gives me 91 worked on 10 meters now. I better get some cards out to get the confirmations. I also worked TX8DD and HP1/IZ6BRN on 12 meters (Panama, New Caledonia).

I’ve managed to get 102 confirmed on 80 meters now so I’ll be sending the cards in along with my LOTW confirmations for my 80 meter DXCC. That will give me 4 BDXCC! Now I need to fill out 10 meters with just a few more QSO’s.

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