A Small Update

I haven’t been able to keep this up to date much. I have been really busy with some other projects and my wine blog. Still, I do occasionally have time to get on the radio and play. I have managed to get enough LOTW confirmations on 10 meters to apply online for my 10 meter DXCC and also 5BDXCC. Next I’ll work on 17 meters and 12 meters for DXCC on both of them.

I was a little disappointed with the CQWW contests. Propagation wasn’t the best on 10 meters and I did not get all the new countries I tried for. I did manage to get some, however. And the propagation on 160 meters has really been bad. I don’t see any of the dxpeditions being spotted on 160 so I guess either they aren’t trying or nobody is hearing them.

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