4A4A Revillagigedo and more

It’s been awhile since I have updated my blog here. I’ve been pretty busy with work, radio and my wine blog (pullthatcork.com). Now it’s time to do some writing, however.

I still haven’t been able to get Argentina on 80 meters even with a couple of contests to work. I did pick up Morocco, Madeira and St. Vincent for new ones on 80. I now have 97 confirmed on 80 meters, just waiting for Colombia, The Mariana Islands, Namibia, and Temotu cards or LoTW to show up. That will give me 101 confirmed if everything is good.

I have been doing pretty good on other bands. Of course I picked up 4A4A on many bands. I already had Revillagigedo on 80 meters so it didn’t help there. Here on the west coast it is pretty easy to work Mexico and the nearby Islands. I’ve worked 4A4A on all bands from 160 meters to 10 meters and multiple modes. It looked like a lot of other areas were doing well working them, too. I saw them working a lot of the eastern USA and Europe. Even on 10 meters which is really great. Actually I envy them working so many Europeans on 10 meters when I can’t even hear Europe most of the time on 10 meters.

I was able to get the CY0’s on Sable Island on 10 meters, though. I have been doing pretty good on 10 meters this year. That Moxon antenna I built is really paying off. I am up to 88 countries on 10 meters, although I only have about 56 confirmed. I need to get busy sending out cards. I have been getting such a good confirmation rate on LoTW for 10 meters that I haven’t been in a hurry. I also haven’t been paying attention to the WARC bands but I checked and I have 96 QSO’s on 17 meters with 77 confirmed and that is without trying. I am now paying a lot more attention to 12 meters, too. My total country count now is 230 with 214 confirmed.

With the contests and just propagation being better in general I have been doing pretty good lately. Liberia on several bands including 10 meters, Tunisia on 15 meters, Nigeria on 10 and others, and just worked T32TV on 10 meters the other day for a new one on that band.

It’s been a productive DX month or so with new countries and lots of band fills. I’m off to the DX Convention in Visalia this Saturday which will be a lot of fun. Also, soon the 6 meter season will open up. The will be hectic trying to work both the 6 meters and 10 meter openings at the same time.

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