10 Meters and More

10 Meters has been great lately, I have well over 100 countries but only 66 confirmed so I really need to get some cards sent out so I can apply for DXCC. I have also received more cards and LoTW confirmations on 80 meters so I need to get my cards sent in to the ARRL. This will give me 5 Band DXCC! Now to start getting those totals up. I have almost 200 countries confirmed so I’ll start working on that next. Also I have 23 confirmed out of 33 on 160 meters so I need to get working on that.

I did pretty good with 3D2R and really good with T32C. I also managed to get 4W6A on several bands including 80 and 10 meters. It has been a little more difficult with T32C then it seems it should be. When propagation is bad the south pacific is close enough where we can still work it easily from the west coast. However, when propagation is good the signals seemed to go over us. That plus instead of competing with just other west coast stations I have to compete with stations across the USA that have better antennas and more power than I do. It took me about 4 hours to work T32C on 20 meter RTTY. I guess that is what makes this fun!

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