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xCluster Update 2.1.8

There is a new version of xCluster available for download. The new release includes bug fixes and enhancements. For an overview see the original post introducing xCluster for the Mac. Please see the manual on the downloaded disk image for all of the update details. Release Notes: Fixed crashes when connected to DXSummit. Labels on buttons were not visible on small screens. Minimum size of map was to large for small screens. New Features: Overall size automatically adapts to smaller screens. The spot list can be resized vertically and horizontally. Moved the QRZ Logon button to the Preferences window. Auto […]

xCluster Update

xCluster 2.1.2 xCluster has been updated and enhanced. I have added many new features and performance enhancements. For an overview see the original post introducing xCluster for the Mac. Please see the manual on the downloaded dmg file for all of the update details. Release Notes; Performance and stability bug fixes. Eliminated flashing when spots are updated. New features added. Gui redesign. New features: Clicking on a spot in the list will set a light blue line under the line so you can watch it. Enhanced the spots on the map to show the last 15 spots for that call. […]

xCluster Map

xCluster: A Mac DXCluster Map App

xCluster for the Mac Overview: xCluster is a visual display of dx cluster activity. DX spots are received via telnet or web services and displayed in a tabular form and plotted on a map of the world. You can filter the spots by call sign or band. You may also configure it to only show FT4/FT8 spots.  Spots are created using the latitude and longitude of the dx station and spotter. The program has a call parsing component to determine the country for each call but can use for more accurate location data. Lookup priority is with the […]

xCW Memory Keyer for the Mac

The xCW memory Keyer can run on the Mac while SmartSDR for the Flex Radio 6000 series is running in a virtual PC or even on another PC on the same network. You do not need xDax or xCat as xCW Memory Keyer handles all control functions on its own. xCW works great with dogparkSDR, SmartSDR for IOS  and xSDR6000 if you prefer an all Mac solution as I do. If you use dogParkSDR you don’t really need xCW as dogParkSDR has a CWX program built in just like SmartSDR does.  The primary advantage of xCW is if you run […]

Call Lookup plugin for the V3NEA Ham Cockpit

Have you ever been listening to a DX station and not recognized the country from the call sign? With the Call Lookup plugin that information is immediately available. Simply enter the call sign and hit your Enter key. If you want more detail just check the QRZ checkbox when you do your query. If the call is in the database an additional line of information will appear. If you select that line a small window will popup with the details. Installation is simple, just download and unzip. Then copy both files to the Ham Cockpit folder with all […]