Getting ready for VK0EK – Heard Island

This is a busy DX year. Lots of ATNOs to be had. For me it has been VP8STI and VP8SGI, I had already worked Palmyra back in 2005. The next ATNO for me will be VK0EK Heard Island. The VP8s have been difficult and I expect VK0EK to be even more difficult. I managed one 40 meter QSO with VP8STI and a 30 meter QSO with VP8SGI. Last night I was trying to work VP8SGI on 20 meters CW. The QSB was really bad and there were a couple of times I thought he may have come back to me but he was very week. Then finally I was sure I had him, I sent 5NN TU and then… some idiot decided to transmit right on top of VP8SGI. By the time the LID had finished he was working another call. So what to do, keep calling and hope I got through again or wait until the log is uploaded in a day or so. If they were using DXA as VK0EK will be I would have known within a minute or two that I was in the log. Then I could have felt great or started trying again. You can see a demo of DXA or read a more detailed article about DXA.

T33A Banaba Island Update

T33A has only been active a couple of days and I haven’t had much time to work them yet. Interestingly, I worked them on 10 meters the first day they were on. Quite easily too. Usually the “Big Guns” are squeezing me out of the pileups, got lucky, maybe they were asleep 🙂 Then this morning I worked them on 30 meters after trying for quite awhile.