SDR Voice Keyer for Mac

Update April 10, 2019: Now that SmartSDR 3.0 has been released I most likely will have to do an update to the program. I have not upgraded yet as I have a couple of other programs I use that will not work with 3.0. The Voice keyer may work if you are not using multiFlex. I expect to update the Voice Keyer within the next couple of weeks when Doug K3TZR gets the framework I use updated.

A voice keyer for the Apple Mac is now available for download. The SDR Voice Keyer can run on the Mac with dogparkSDR or FlexRadio SmartSDR running in a virtual PC or even on another Mac or Microsoft Windows PC on the same network. You do not need xDax or xCat as SDR Voice Keyer handles all audio and control functions on its own.

Operation is quite simple. Make sure the DAX button on the SmartSDR P/CW panel is on or in the case of dogparkSDR select TX DAX in Preferences -> Radio -> TX DAX .

Click the button you want or on the keyboard use ⌘1…⌘0 for buttons 1 – 10 (if the SDR Voice Keyer has focus). The radio will be keyed and the audio transmitted. The Stop button or Esc will immediately stop any current transmission. You can adjust the Transmit Gain if necessary using the slider.

If you want to be reminded when to send your ID, check the ID Timer checkbox and a green flashing graphic will appear in front of the Send button. Click the Send button (or ⌘S) and your ID file will be sent.

Touch bar support is included if you have one of the newer MacBook Pro’s with a Touch Bar.